Maria Montessori
"The teacher's task is first to nourish and assist, to watch, encourage, guide, induce, rather than to interfere, prescribe, or restrict."
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Mrs. Christoff

Hello, I'm Mrs. Christoff! I am the Founder and Head of School at New Leaf Preschool. I love planning and executing enriching curriculum, learning from the children, and working on art projects with them. I work predominantly in the office but you will see me in rooms with the children every chance I get!


I am married to Matthew, my high school sweetheart. We have three daughters, live in Little Suamico, and both lived in the Howard-Suamico area our whole lives. I love to spend time out on the water boating, getting out on the dirt-bike or snowmobile, in the yard gardening, and doing projects around the house. I would love to have a greenhouse and farm large enough to provide enough food to feed my family someday so I know where everything came from. Being a Mom has been my dream since I was little and opening a private school has been a dream of mine since I was in college.


I have over 8 years of experience in the early education field as well as a Bachelors degree in Design Arts with an emphasis in Environmental Design and am pursuing my Masters Degree in Montessori Methodology! I believe that the prepared environment is crucial for student success!

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Ms. Graham is one of our amazing Junior Kindergarten teachers! Ms. Graham has over 10 years of experience teaching, 6 of those years leading a head start program. She has her Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education from Lake Superior State University. Mrs. Graham choses to teach at NLP because “it is a place that shares my vision and values to provide and teach children through hands on active learning inspired by nature and a prepared environment. I also see the importance in the quality meals that NLP provides and share the belief that nutrition and education should go hand in hand.”


We feel that Ms. Graham is the perfect fit for our school because this is undoubtedly her passion! She says that she feels passionate about providing each child with the opportunity to learn and grow their independence, and that nothing is better than seeing a child light up when they accomplish a new task or when they are fully engaged in an activity. Ms. Graham does a great job learning and adapting to new ways to teach the children so that each child can be successful by learning in a way that works for them individually. She is also very charismatic and does a great job stepping back to examine how each child feels and how she can help them through all the milestones they encounter while at school.


Ms. Graham and her soon to be husband love family game nights with his three kids Iris, Isaac, & Lenette. Mrs. Graham enjoys baking, especially cupcakes and coming up with new flavors. She also enjoys concerts & sporting events… and don’t worry, even though she grew up and lived in Michigan she is still an avid Packer fan!

Mrs. Graham

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Ms. Roffers

Ms. Roffers has a Bachelors degree in science with a major in Human Development and minor in Psychology. She also has years of experience working with students with autism. Ms. Roffers is the middle of 2 siblings and has two goats, Duke and Daisy, a dog, and a cat. Ms. Roffers says she takes both her goats and dog for walks, but not at the same time.


Ms. Roffers is extremely patient yet persistent with her students and does a great job assisting them in developing new milestones in a safe yet fun environment! Her routines and repetition within the classroom provide just the right amount of consistency for students to become engaged and passionate in their own works within the studio environment. Mrs. Roffers has played a huge role in making the Toddler programs what they are today. She has created programming and an environment that allows student independence and responsibility which has enabled her students to grow immensely in their confidence and development. She says that what she enjoys most about working with children is getting to watch them learn and grow, and surprise themselves in their own abilities.


She enjoys spending her time outside doing almost anything including visiting state parks and traveling! She has a green thumb and plays a huge role in the success of our school garden and maintains a beautiful garden at home as well! Ms. Roffers truly embodies the NLP lifestyle even when she is not at school. Ms. Roffers says she values NLP in particular because she sees the importance of starting healthy habits at a young age. Mrs. Roffers never misses an opportunity to integrate nutrition within her lessons whether it be pickling and chopping vegetables from our organic garden in the summer or bringing in her juicer to create her student's favorite snack time beverages!

Ms. Nandory


Ms. Stapleford


Ms. Erickson



Mrs. Moll

Mrs. Moll is the Principal at New Leaf Preschool. She has been teaching in the early education field for over 10 years, and is pursuing her Montessori Credential! She knew at a young age that working with children was her calling and it has been extremely apparent that she is passionate about helping children learn and grow since day one! She is always looking out for each individual student and assessing each situation to be sure that we have their best interest in mind and are properly utilizing behavior management and techniques to increase student success!


Mrs. Moll is married to her high school sweetheart Josh and has an outdoor loving 3 year old son named Wyatt. Mrs. Moll  says "I love watching children as they reach milestones and become confident in themselves. I chose New Leaf Preschool in particular because it is a healthy environment that allows Wyatt to learn at his own pace, and I get to do what I love along side him." In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and going to the zoo & park in addition to crafting with her circuit machine! Mrs. Moll is originally from the small town of Hartford, WI but moved to the area about 3 years ago. Her sister's family just moved into the area recently and she has excitedly welcomed her niece into the NLP family!

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Mrs. Kallman

Hello New Leaf Preschool Families! I am Mrs. Megan Kallman and I have the privilege of being one of the Junior Kindergarten teachers! I have a bachelors degree in Psychology and Human Development from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. I worked in a preschool classroom for four years and am excited to switch back to teaching!


I am very excited to teach at NLPA as it shares my vision and aligns with my

values! I strongly believe in the Montessori style of teaching and believe hands-on learning, helps children not only better retain skills and knowledge, but also understand information better. I love the independence and responsibility each child gains in a Montessori classroom and how it allows for them to become self-driven in their learning journey.


I am married to Lucas and the proud mom of two children, Adalyn and Barrett. In my free time I love spending time with my family embracing the little moments. We spend the bulk of spring and summer fishing and going on mini adventures. I also enjoy attending concerts and working on practicing yoga alongside my daughter. It has been so wonderful watching my children flourish at New Leaf Preschool and I cannot wait to start teaching at NLPA and meet all of our wonderful families!

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Ms. Cherney

Ms. Cherney has experience working in both the early child care setting and one on one with children with Autism, and holds a Bachelors degree in Human Development from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. After having a terrible first experience in the Childcare setting Ms. Cherney decided it may not be her calling until her mom convinced her to give it another try with NLP. Ms. Cherney said she was beyond happy with her decision to give it another try and says NLP is much different than traditional daycares, and has been a breath of fresh air, and is really making a difference for these kids. Ms. Cherney says she enjoys working with children because she loves to watch them succeed and meet their goals. Mrs. Cherney has loved the Montessori Method from the day she started at NLP and has been expanding her knowledge and further implementing the methodology in her studio.


Mrs. Cherney has buckets of patience and can oftentimes be seen working one on one with students to overcome their frustrations and reach success. She enters NLP with an amazing attitude each day and there is no doubt she is exactly where she was meant to be. We are beyond thankful to have her on our team and working with our students.


Ms. Cherney and her partner Vance have a fish named Sushi and she comes from a family with 2 brothers. She enjoys Skiing, volleyball league & attending the movies. She is also a much better axe thrower than Mrs. Christoff. On her days off she spends her time watching her niece who is currently the same age as her students. You absolutely know a teacher is living their passions when they take their day off to share their expertise and still come in with the same zest every day.

Ms. Rozivka


Mrs. Debbie Christoff


Ms. Hohol